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Representing clients in family law, criminal defense, estate planning, civil litigation, and a wide range of other legal matters

A legal dilemma of any kind can affect you or your business for years to come, but with the careful guidance of an experienced attorney, you have the chance to achieve a positive resolution and move on with confidence. At Mitchell & Lujan Attorneys at Law in Borger, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and your future. Since 1952, we have provided skilled representation to the residents of the surrounding Texas Panhandle region in a variety of legal matters. All firm lawyers are native-born to the West Texas/Eastern New Mexico/Southwestern Kansas area, so we know the local landscape. Whether you have been charged with a crime, are starting a business, facing divorce, or litigating a civil dispute, our attorneys work tirelessly to find the best outcome for your case.

Dedicated counsel for clients in the Texas Panhandle

Based in Borger, we assist individuals and businesses throughout the surrounding Texas Panhandle region in a wide range of practice areas:

  • Civil litigation — We represent clients in a variety of civil litigation matters including personal injury and real estate.
  • Divorce — As experienced family law attorneys, we assist clients with all aspects of the divorce process from filing to resolving custody and support disputes.
  • Criminal defense — If you are facing criminal charges, our firm rushes to protect your rights and help you build a solid defense.
  • Business law — We offer skilled counsel for business formation to ensure clients choose the right entity for their business goals. We also provide seasoned legal advice for oil and gas companies.
  • Estate planning — Skilled guidance is essential in preserving your assets and passing them on to your loved ones. We help clients create estate plans with wills and trusts that protect their legacy, and we also provide probate and estate administration services.

If a lawsuit, criminal charge, business issue or pending divorce is disrupting your life, our lawyers can safeguard your rights and help you resolve your legal matter as quickly as possible.

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Mitchell & Lujan Attorneys at Law provides comprehensive legal support for clients in a wide range of practice areas. Please call 806-513-3468 or contact us online to arrange a consultation to discuss your case at our Borger office.

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